The Mark Ross Gearhart Art Collection

Private Collector Paying Top Dollar for Vintage West Coast Art

Specializing in Oregon Artists


We want everyone to see and enjoy our collection!

All works of art owned by the Gearhart Collection are available for loan to accredited museums.

A few examples of our works are displayed on this website by clicking Collection Examples . Hundreds of additional quality works of art are also available for lending including paintings, sculpture, ceramics and glass.

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Wanted Artists

Darrell Austin

Lucy Scott Bower

Maurice Braun

Benjamin Brown

Louis Bunce

Kenneth Callahan

Rockwell Carey

Frank Coburn

Joel Cottet

Eanger Irving Couse

Frank Cuprien

Betty Feves

Grace Fountain

Constance Fowler

E.D.M. Fowle

Cyrus James Fulton

Byron Gardner

Jerry Glenn

Morris Graves

Nels Hagerup

Carl Hall

James Lee Hansen

Tom Hardy

Charles Heaney

Edward Hill

Edward Rufus Hill

Anna A Hills

H. Elmer House

Manuel Izquierdo

George Johanson

Frank Tenney Johnson

Lee Kelly

Maude Kerns

Hank Kowert

LaVerne Krause

Theodore Lambert

Sydney Laurence

Paul Lauritz

Thayne J. Logan

Glen Lukens  

Percy Manser

C.C. McKim

Charlotte Mish

Carl Morris

Hilda Morris

Richard Muller

W.S. Parrott

Albert Patecky

Elizabeth Parrott-Pond

C.S. Price

E.B. Quigley

Cleveland Rockwell

Albert Runquist

Arthur Runquist

Nelson Sandgren

Alfred Schroff

H.S. Sewall

Peter W. Sheffers

L.H. Sindberg

Amanda Snyder

Clara Jane Stevens

Ray Strong

Jefferson Tester

Mark Tobey

Andrew Vincent

Harry Wentz

Milton Wilson

Melville T. Wire

C.E.S. Wood


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